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Bent Lives

Hmmm. All kinds of ways to read that title above, but having just spoken on Catch 22 for a War and Literature Panel at LSC-Montgomery, so I'm thinking in terms of the "Yosarian Lives" meme of the sixties.

Patrick Lostracco, art editor of LSC-Montgomery's literary magazine SWIRL in 2010-11, went off to get his BA in Art and Film Animation in Montreal (and was the Graphic Designer for the 42nd Concordia Film Festival in 2015). He's been sending me artwork based on Pretty Enough for You. I love these! Here we have "Back Room at Lumpy's" (Part I, Chapter iii) and "Hairy Legs in Poncho" (Part III, Chapter vi). Hah! So wonderful.

It's so difficult to find readers these days, finding a reader/animator is really special. In fact it's hard for me to wrap my head around the wonders of seeing the book come back like this.

Thanks, Patrick.

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