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It was an existence of chaos, uncertainty, unhappiness, and sadness, and I knew for certain that to survive it, I needed an anchor, a center, a girl-back-home.  I needed Chloe.


Or someone like Chloe. 

"One of the most compulsively readable, surprising books I’ve seen in years."

David Samuel Levinson ~ author of Antonia Lively Breaks the Silence


"Pitch perfect, self-deprecating humor."

Nan Cuba ~ author of Body and Bread


"[A] rollicking carnival of a debut novel. . . . Hudder exhibits superlative comedic talent."

Michelle Newby ~ Lone Star Literary Life


"It's not often that a novel surprises me in the plot building or resolution, but Hudder did!  TWICE!"

Jana Grissom ~ A Novel Reality


"Though Hudder’s protagonist is happily anything but hardboiled, his prose is: precise, unflinchingly honest, heartbreakingly beautiful. His gorgeous, noirish landscape of contemporary Texas is sure to thrill."

Wendell Mayo ~ author of The Cucumber King of Kedainiai



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